Yizumi SpaceA-1-700-500  3D Printer

Yizumi SpaceA-1-700-500

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Smallest standard solution from Yizumi.

  • Extruder 500
  • KR10 small robot with a reach of 700 mm mounted.
  • This means that a wide area can be used at low cost.
  • Fixed, magnetic construction platform


SpaceA Technology

The SpaceA Technology is based on the layer-by-layer deposition of a molten thermoplastic. By solidifying a melt strand, a solid component can be built up.

Yizumi's SpaceA Technology is based on 4 principles for an economical application:

  • Use of a screw extruder
  • Use of a 6-axis positioning system
  • Use of a high level of plant modularity
  • Use of an industry standard control system

First, the material to be processed is pre-treated in a dryer. This dryer is included in all standard systems. From the dryer the material is led to the extruder.

The extruder is designed as a compact single-screw extruder weighing only 6.5 kg. There the granulate is plasticized and discharged in a defined manner. The final component can then be produced on the building platform by a relative movement of the positioning system.

Screw extruder

Based on Yizumi's many years of expertise in injection molding, a specialized screw extruder for additive production has been developed and patented.
The screw extruder has a concentric and conical feed zone. This allows a significant increase in the solids conveying behavior. At the same time, a material drying system is integrated in the extruder directly above the material feed. The design to the point allows a short construction of the screw extruder, which reduces the mass inertia during the process.

The granulate is connected to the extruder's hopper via a connecting piece. A level sensor is installed there, which transmits the filling level to the control system. This ensures an automatic granulate supply. The granulate is fed into the intermediate storage via the filling hopper. The intermediate storage is heated by the feed zone cooling system and pressurized with dry compressed air. The screw runs concentrically in the buffer store.

The resulting concentric feed zone ensures a constant flow of solids into the feed zone of the plasticizing unit. The screw is driven by a servo motor. The plasticizing unit is kept at the desired temperature by three heating elements. From there, the melt is applied through the nozzle. The nozzle is designed with a needle to ensure a clean closure.

Modular design

The flexibility of the system is based on the separation of platform module and production module. Thus a standardized manufacturing module can be combined with different platform modules or several manufacturing modules can be combined with one platform module.

Due to this modularity, the system can also be easily integrated into existing production chains, for example to functionalize injection molded parts. The high productivity of the SpaceA product family makes it possible to apply sealing elements or reinforcing structures to the component in the cycle of an injection molding machine.

6-axis robot

The modular platform allows the integration of different robot sizes and ranges. This means that the most suitable and therefore most cost-effective positioning system can be used for every production application. The robot allows integration into existing automation processes and combination with other manufacturing processes.

The consequent integration of 6-axis robot systems allows to build on existing standards. In addition, all Yizumi systems are 3D ready and allow 3D component production when using suitable path planning software.

Product Details

Data sheet

Product type
Industrial roboter (10 kg max. laod)
Fix, magnetic building platform (640 cm x 400 cm)
1 extruder
Floor space
1.2m x 1.3 m

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