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Calibry mini

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Scan your small objects with the affordable and easy to use Calibry mini

Calibry Mini is a portable 3D handheld scanner for digitizing small objects (from 2 cm to 30 cm length). Blue LED lights ensure high quality of captured data and the built-in touch screen makes scanning easy. The device is light, reliable and easy to handle.

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The Calibri mini is light and fast and delivers high quality data, capturing even the most intricate details. The device can digitize difficult bright and shiny surfaces as well as sharp edges. This handheld scanner captures both color and geometry of the object and collects data at up to 1 million points per second. The cameras with which the Calibri mini is equipped were developed specifically for this device. The Calibiri mini is also equipped with a built-in touch screen and a 5 m cable.

Calibri mini is particularly suitable for the following applications:


The Calibri mini allows small, complex body parts to be quickly captured. In plastic and maxillofacial surgery it is used to digitize ears, lips and noses. Orthopedic and prosthetic specialists use the Calibri mini to scan hands and feet or to produce individualized braces and other correction materials.


The scanner comes with the unlimited Calibry Nest software, which offers a great feature set and is therefore interesting for schools with a tight budget. The software can be installed on any computer in the classroom. Students can get hands-on experience with the Mini during class and then work with the collected 3D data at their own pace during lab sessions or at home.

Museum and Archaeology

Would you like to create a virtual 3D museum? The Calibri Mini digitizes artifacts in full color and is easy to take on the plane. So you can scan the objects on site at the archaeological site and take the data home.

Product Details

Data sheet

900 g
Data acquisition speed
1 MP /Sek.
Blue LED
up to 0.07 mm
Accuracy over distance
up to 0.1 mm over 1 m
Point resolution
up to 0.6 mm
Depth of view
180 - 300 mm
Field of view
min. 86 x 115 mm, max. 144 x 192 mm
25 - 30 fps
Multicore processing
4 inch
Operating temparature
from +5 ⁰C to + 40 ⁰C

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