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Sinterit Pulverwerkzeug Set

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With the practical Sinterit powder tool set you can save powder material and working time in pre- and post-printing. At the same time the work area is kept clean and tidy.

The new Sinterit powder tools can be used in the entire printing process: For the start-up phase, when removing the 3D printouts, during finishing and cleaning of both the printed objects and the work area.

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Special tools for the entire printing process

From commissioning, through to the removal of printouts, post-processing and cleaning, the use of the tools supports the workflow in 3D print preparation and also keeps the work area clean and tidy.

Safe workflow, clean working environment

The powder tool set complements the Sinterit accessories such as the ATEX vacuum cleaner and simplifies powder handling before and after the printing process.

The powder tool set consists of:

  • Protection utensils (safety glasses, dust mask, T-shirt, protective gloves)
  • Tools for powder handling (scraper, ladle, brush, measuring cup)
  • Tools for finishing (large & small brushes, metal sieve, stainless steel probe & spatula)
  • Service kit (bag, alcohol pads, silicone oil, cotton cloth, replacement recoater cord, infrared emitter)
  • Powder container (IO-Box, powder box)
  • Powder bucket with funnel
  • Foldable collection container or work surface
  • Manual

Powder funnel

The powder funnel enables the printer to be filled selectively without the powder getting into the air. The powder funnel can be placed on the new Sinterit powder material buckets. This allows the powder to be easily filled directly from the original powder bucket into the printer. The powder funnel is also compatible with the Sinterit sieve and the powder separator in the ATEX vacuum cleaner.

Powder trowel

The Sinteit powdertrowel has been redesigned to fit the surface of the entire printing bed. This means that the powder can now be better distributed and evenly pressed in one go. This ensures even powder distribution and density for successful SLS printing.


Filling the Sinterit printers is even more precise with the IO BOX. The Sinterit IO Box consists of two metal elements that serve as a guide to pour in the powder without scattering it and without contaminating the pyrometers or other parts of the printer. The IO-Box is used on the one hand to fill the printer and on the other hand to remove the printout from the printer and bring it quickly and safely to the post-processing area.

Foldable work tray

It is a container with foldable edges, which provides optimal working space for the first post-processing of the printed objects. The parts can be easily vacuumed off and the remaining powder can simply be poured into a bucket for further cleaning and print preparation.

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